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Jason H
United States
I am an artist and a pirate. Let's draw things showy!

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Still here!

Mon Mar 23, 2015, 3:43 AM
Gonna try and post stuff more often. Been busy the last few month working on commissions on my other account, hadn't really had much of my own stuff to toss here. ^^; Trying to fix that, though!

  • Listening to: Kamen Rider Gaim OP
  • Watching: Gundam Build Fighters Try
  • Drinking: Cherry Cola


Onsokumon 2017
Back in the day, I tried to come up with my own Digimon and such when I was still really big into the series (and did a lot of gaming and such with people back in the old Yahoo Groups of yore). One such that I came up with was Onsokumon, the lightning speed Rookie Digimon. Not hard to tell where my influences for him were from, being the big Sonic fan I was. :P Granted, a lot less blatant than my original doodle of him:

Might have to try his Champion form, Kousokumon, at some point. :P

Digimon © Bandai and others
Pic, as always © :iconcaptain-marvelous:
Something I learned recently, there was an early design of Princess Sally from Sonic the Hedgehog that didn't get used. I thought it was amusing enough that I went and doodled her. :3

The design can be found at the top of this article:…

Sally, Sonic the Hedgehog © Sega and others
pic, as always © :iconcaptain-marvelous:
Bandora the Explorer
Ever get one of those really dumb ideas in your head that just won't go away? This was one of them. :P

Dora the Explorer © Nickelodeon
Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger © Toei and Bandai
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers © Saban and Toei
pic, as always © :iconcaptain-marvelous:



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